About Me


The short and skinny is that I’m a Creative Director with a copywriting background who lives in the Bay Area.

I was always told that no one wants to hear you brag about yourself. Thankfully I’ve had a few bosses and coworkers who are happy to do it for me:

Once in a while as an ECD, you stumble across a writer that simply blows you away. Kevin Platt is one of those writers…He bats well above his experience…He can create as well as execute (from brand to banners) – in fact, he is a rare breed…I came to rely heavily on Kevin.
-Anthony Reeves, ECD/VP Creative — Hacker Agency

A modern day nerd, Kevin dives deep and is able to get to the “there” there quickly. Kevin is one of my favs to present with, because he owns the room and can think on his feet. His real super power however, is that he embraces the “new,” and finds a way to bring in emerging technology, to boost an idea in a relevant way. Prepare to be surprised, in all the right ways.
-Renee Blake, Creative Director — Hacker Agency

He was one of, if not the, best managers I’ve ever had. Always inspiring, always pushing me to be better and just all around brilliant at his job. He was quick to understand the needs of our clients and came up with amazing ideas and solutions to problems on a daily basis.His communication and presentation skills are something I constantly strive to emulate. I always received clear and concise direction from Kevin but was never micromanaged. That’s just not something he did. He told me what needed to get done and then trusted me to do it. If I had questions about something he was available. I truly miss working with him and envy anyone who will get to work with him in the future.
-Chris Doces, Art Director — Hacker Agency

Think of a function of the creative team. Branding. Messaging Strategy. Content. Digital work. Direct. Social. Kevin’s got that. I’ve heard Kevin referred to as a “one man show,” “an all-around creative talent,” “a guy who ‘gets it.'” and I agree with all of them. I would strongly recommend Kevin as a leader in any team looking for creative passion, imagination, intelligence and commitment to the original. Working with Kevin for four years at Hacker Agency, I personally benefited from his great ability to pick up a client and not only get the proposition, but internalize it and make it new. He inspires his team mates with more than creative talent, but real emotional energy for clients from non-profits to the vacation industry to health insurance to telecomm to you-name-it. He is one of the best all-around creatives out there. If you have the opportunity, bring Kevin in.
-Paul Ford, Creative Director — Hacker Agency

He has skills in so many diverse areas- he could really do anything. The thing that I can say and you reading this should take note: Kevin will never ever let you down. He is the hardest worker and he always crosses the finish line no matter how difficult the task is. He is also super fast. He needs no hand holding and can take very little direction and make something great from it. A truly indispensable member of my team and I am incredibly sad to lose him to California. He will be missed.
-Heather Elsa, Creative Director — Getty Images

Kevin is exactly what I look for in a writer, someone that can think on his feet, come up with a great creative solution to any problem and take direction without just “doing what you tell him”. He thinks first and turns a suggestion into solid strategic thinking… He fights for his ideas (yet knows when to change gears) and always has a reason why he’s done something. I have enjoyed working with Kevin and would always welcome him on my team.
-Erik Hostetler, ACD — Hacker Agency

I hired Kevin Platt as my copywriter once, and I would hire him again in a second. Kevin’s fire, humor, scary intelligence and desire mean he’s cut from the finest copywriter cloth…Kevin brings the most ideas to brainstorming meetings. He improves other people’s ideas. He is the guy designers and writers use as a sounding board. He stays late and shows up early. And he bugs the hell out of me to give him more work because he loves what he does.
-Thom Schoenborn, Editorial Director — Pop Art

Where Kevin really stands apart from the crowd is his willingness to learn and adapt…He’s a dedicated worker, who does a great job of communicating with the team about what’s working and (perhaps more importantly) what’s not working. I would not hesitate to work with Kevin in the future, and would gladly recommend him to anyone considering hiring him.
-Scott Vandehey, Front-End Developer — Pop Art

You can see the full letters (plus a few more) if you login and take a look at my LinkedIn profile.

In other words, I’m a Bay Area-based CD with extensive brand and direct experience in the online, television, print, mail, social and web video worlds. I’m not just a writer though, as I’m also thoroughly versed in team leadership, concepting, social marketing, information architecture and software planning, and a wee bit of front-end development (but admittedly that was mostly code tweaking, not writing from scratch). More than one of my past bosses have described me as a “swiss-army knife” and I like that. I’m happy to take on tons of new and different endeavors, and I’ll do whatever it takes to deliver the best possible work — on time. Which is why I now have a story that ends with, “and that’s how I ended up in a wedding dress.”

Please take a look at my work above or browse my LinkedIn profile. And feel free to email me with any questions or comments that you have.


I am a blend of conservative parents and a socialist grandfather, I’m a homebrewer, a retired bartender, a second generation son of South America, a published photographer, a tried and true used-to-wear-tight-jeans-and-spend-all-day-in-the-summer-on-the-back-of-a-horse Texan, a huge dork, a proud product of public schools, a good shot, a bad guitar player, an alright DJ, a wikipedia addict, a bar-quiz junkie, a connoiseur of the most un-noteworthy of notables, a very lucky husband, a fluent speaker of frontera, leagal-ease, Masshole, durty south, sk8r and execuspeak, and a bad mamma-jamma who will flip over a table while yelling thug life. Most importantly, I am a storyteller.